Catholic Episcopal Conference in Angola and Sao Tome

Keep your eyes or come and become part of the largest episcopal conference in the world. It is a well-known Catholic Episcopal Conference in Angola and Sao Tome.

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Thank you for coming here and reading about us and our mission.

ON the site you can stay in contact with all happenings and you can follow the details about the episcopal conference that refers to Sao Tome and Angola. It is the biggest conference of this kind in the world and it is helping each year.
Our goal
Our goal is to make sure religion is as close as possible to all our children.
Our purpose
Our purpose is to make sure you get all the details needed at any given moment.
About us
We are servants of God, here for you and your faith. Trust in God and trust in us.

Gabriel Mbilingi

Gabriel Mbilingi is Archbishop of Lubango.

He has been on this position since 2009 and he is known as one of the main archbishops in the area and the one that made all of this possible. He will stay in this position as long as possible and as long as needed.
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‘’Believe on God and believe in his effort to make the humanity as it should be’’

John 3:16

Jesus Really Does Pray for All Believers

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